• The body is the temple of life.
  • Energy is the force of life.
  • Spirit is the governor of life.
  • If body, energy or spirit goes off balance, all of them are damaged.
  • The Three Treasures: body, energy and spirit.
  • When the spirit takes command, the body naturally follows and this arrangement benefits all Three Treasures.
  • When the body leads the way, the spirit goes along, and this harms all Three Treasures.
  • Life essence is a form of potential energy, like a battery fluid, from which the body draws energy as required.
  • Life essence provides strength, vitality and immunity and it is most easily depleted through chronic stress, malnutrition and illness.
  • Spirit refers to the mind and all of its facets and functions.
  • Spirit is immaterial, luminous and resides in the heart.
  • Spirit is the mind of Life Force, the immortal soul, the original light of consciousness.
  • Every human being posses the mind of Life Force in his or her heart, but very few are aware of it.
  • Health and longevity are sustained not by doctors and drugs but by carefully guarding the Three Treasures of life, and the onset of any disease is a clear indication of one's own failure to maintain a strong defense system.

Office Location

Natural Health & Wellness Center

252 East 6th Street

Frederick, MD 21701

The Natural Health & Wellness Center is located in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland.

The entrance for the downtown Frederick office is located on the side of the building that faces toward East Street. It is marked on the Google Maps image below with the green arrow. It is the second door toward the middle of the building.

NHAC Location Information


Parking is available on East 6th Street. Overflow parking is available as noted on the image to the right. The entrance to the parking lot is next to the second building from the corner of East 6th Street and East Street.

Google Maps Coordinates

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East Street Exit from I-70

The new East Street exit from I-70 is now open.

Internet mapping applications are not showing the East Street exit from I-70, but most GPS units do route directions using the East Street / I-70 Exit when appropriate. Also, please note that Google Maps associates the parking lot entrance with the building address.

Please use the interactive Google Map below to orient yourself to the Office location.

Enter your address to get detailed driving instructions. Note: Remember, East Street Exit from I-70 is now open but directions will not reflect the East Street exit.