• The body is the temple of life.
  • Energy is the force of life.
  • Spirit is the governor of life.
  • If body, energy or spirit goes off balance, all of them are damaged.
  • The Three Treasures: body, energy and spirit.
  • When the spirit takes command, the body naturally follows and this arrangement benefits all Three Treasures.
  • When the body leads the way, the spirit goes along, and this harms all Three Treasures.
  • Life essence is a form of potential energy, like a battery fluid, from which the body draws energy as required.
  • Life essence provides strength, vitality and immunity and it is most easily depleted through chronic stress, malnutrition and illness.
  • Spirit refers to the mind and all of its facets and functions.
  • Spirit is immaterial, luminous and resides in the heart.
  • Spirit is the mind of Life Force, the immortal soul, the original light of consciousness.
  • Every human being posses the mind of Life Force in his or her heart, but very few are aware of it.
  • Health and longevity are sustained not by doctors and drugs but by carefully guarding the Three Treasures of life, and the onset of any disease is a clear indication of one's own failure to maintain a strong defense system.

New Patient Forms

The listed forms are for New Patients regardless of diagnosis or health issues needing Beth's assistance.

Each New Patient needs to complete a Medical History. Also, you will need to complete the New Patient Forms. Select the tab below as appropriate. The Child section has the forms needed for patients under 18 years old and the Adult section has the forms for patients 18 and older. All files are in PDF format.

Please select the age appropriate forms for each patient who is to see Beth and print it.

Please fill out and sign all forms ahead of time and bring them to your first scheduled appointment.

While Beth will explain as much as she can about the energy system while she is working with you, you will receive greater benefit during your first appointment if you take time to read the information pages about the energy system, acupuncture, and the allergy protocols. Feel free to take notes and ask Beth questions about what you read.