New Patient Information

Location & Address

Natural Health & Wellness Center
252 East 6th Street
Frederick, MD 21701

The Natural Health & Wellness Center is located in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Hours & Scheduling
Patient treatment hours are Monday through Friday on the following schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 12:00 to 6:00
  • Wednesday & Friday: 8:00 to 2:00

Beth tries very hard to respect your time. Thus you can expect to be seen at your scheduled appointment time, give or take 10 minutes. In return, she asks that you be respectful of her time by giving a minimum of 24-hour advance notice of canceled appointments so space can be utilized by patients on the waiting list.

To schedule or change an appointment, simply:

Call or Text: (301) 712-5126

First Appointment

While Beth will explain as much as she can about energetic treatments when she is working with you, you will receive more significant benefit from your first appointment if you take time to read the pages on this web site about the energy system, acupuncture, and allergy protocols prior to your first appointment. One of Beth’s primary objectives is education, so feel free to ask questions.


  • The fee for a Full New Patient Evaluation & Treatment is $380.
  • The fee for an Orthopedic New Patient Eval or Re-Eval is $195.
  • Any necessary product supplementation is an additional charge.


  • On your first appointment, Beth will spend 1-hour beginning with a detailed evaluation and ending with your first treatment. Please allow 1.5 hours in your schedule.

Helpful Tips:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for easy access to acupuncture points on the arms and legs. Dressing gowns and drapes are available if needed.

Follow-up Appointments


  • The fee for a Follow-up Appointment is $95.
  • Any necessary product supplementation is an additional charge.
  • Please note, Beth will often use electrical stimulation, heat, topical herbs, and magnets in addition to acupuncture and does not charge additional fees for these extra treatment services.


  • For Return Visits, please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour in your schedule.


The course of treatment will vary depending on the patient’s physical condition and diagnosis. Beth can better determine a more accurate treatment plan after the initial evaluation, and she may adjust it as the patient makes progress.

The use of acupuncture needles is the most common technique for stimulating the energetic points; however, Beth also utilizes laser, ultra-sound, infra-red light, and magnets as alternative methods that are equally effective. If needles are used, Beth uses only pre-sterilized and disposable acupuncture needles. Beth only buys the highest quality needle available in the two smallest sizes to ensure patient comfort.
Herbal formulas, enzymes, supplements, homeopathic, homochords, and dietary or lifestyle modifications may also be recommended.


Since acupuncture and allergy elimination will strengthen the immune system and promote the body’s natural healing ability, most conditions can be corrected or improved. As a result, patients experience a greater sense of health and wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits.