How to Find Our Office Location

Beth G. Owens, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.

Office Location

Natural Health & Wellness Center
252 East 6th Street
Frederick, MD 21701

The Natural Health & Wellness Center is located in lovely historic downtown Frederick, Maryland, in two renovated historic homes with Suite address numbers #246, #248, #250, and #252.

Beth G. Owens utilizes Suite #252 and the entrance is located on the side of the brick building that faces toward East Street.  It is marked on the Google Maps image below with the green arrow.  The main entrance is the second door toward the middle of the brick building, again, on the East Street side.


Free Parking is available in the Center’s generous private parking lot.  The entrance to the parking lot is next to the second building from the corner (Suites #246 & #248) of East 6th Street and East Street.  There is also free parking on 6th Street in the rare event that the parking lot is full.